‘Why do peo­ple lose their de­cency when they move here’

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“Life has be­come so convenient for some peo­ple, that a mi­nor prob­lem, like hav­ing to do a more dif­fi­cult move to get out of a park­ing space has be­come a life-ending drama. Peo­ple’s sense of worth over their skin colour then kicks in and the self-en­ti­tle­ment goes through the roof. I agree also on how peo­ple would be­have back in their home coun­try, i for in­stance I was to be­have this way back in Glas­gow I would be firmly told to take my opin­ion and shove it some­where quite un­com­fort­able. A re­al­ity check is re­quired on a daily ba­sis liv­ing here”


“No­body ‘loses their de­cency’ be­cause they moved here. Some­one who be­haves in­de­cently is likely to carry on that way re­gard­less of where they are. Let’s not blame Dubai for some­one’s per­son­al­ity is­sue. Could stan­dards of driv­ing and park­ing get bet­ter here? Yes, and they are..”


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