Reader claims her daugh­ters were de­nied en­trance to mosque

7 Days in Dubai - - PUZZLE -

“I faced the same prob­lem. My wife took my daugh­ters but they weren’t al­lowed in. One rea­son is that of­ten very young chil­dren are taken into the women’s hall, they them cry through­out Jamat. The imams con­tin­ues to re­peat not to bring young chil­dren but it con­tin­ues. Though girls of age 5 and 9, same as my daugh­ters should be al­lowed. I agree it is a shame.”


“I don’t know which mosque you went to but chil­dren are al­lowed in the mosque I go to which is in my neigh­bour­hood.”


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