Traf­fic flow around schools needs to be ad­dressed

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Why are the roads de­signed so badly in Dubai? No left turns, ba­si­cally any­where. That is the pri­mary rea­son for the traf­fic jams on roads, es­pe­cially near schools. Ev­ery­one is forced to drive to the next traf­fic cir­cle, caus­ing both ar­riv­ing and leav­ing cars on the same road - and there you have it, a traf­fic jam. This hap­pens twice a day at ev­ery school, and still noth­ing is done. Did no one think that most par­ents would be drop­ping their kids to school? If a school has 2,000 stu­dents, that is a huge amount of cars as well... Com­mon sense would tell any­one that these ar­eas need to have a way to en­ter and an­other one to exit, in or­der to keep traf­fic mov­ing. But no. The same prob­lem is re­peated in so many places, they just don’t learn from their mis­takes. If the roads are not fixed, at least change the school tim­ings so that not all ar­rive or are picked up at the same time! Please, some com­mon sense to get rid of the frus­trat­ing daily drop off/pick up traf­fic at schools! And while at it, pri­mary years school days are way too long for kids that age. Five-six hours a day is what they should be at the most. Kot­tero Dubai

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