Read­ers hit back at Brexit let­ter from UAE res­i­dent

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So Anon (‘Try liv­ing UK life be­fore judg­ing us all’ - Let­ters June 23) feels it is in­ap­pro­pri­ate for any­one in LA to com­ment on Brexit but ac­cept­able for her (or him) sit­ting in the UAE to have an opin­ion? The logic es­capes me. Whilst I’m sure s/he will be happy with the vote the fact is that im­mi­gra­tion is over­whelm­ing pos­i­tive both eco­nom­i­cally and cul­tur­ally. With­out im­mi­gra­tion the UK NHS would col­lapse. The key to a bet­ter wel­fare state is to have it prop­erly funded by a gov­ern­ment that does not see its key pur­pose as pro­tect­ing big busi­ness. Even Farage has now ad­mit­ted that the £350m a week Brexit bonus to fund the NHS was a “mis­take”. Ian Tay­lor UAE

Dear Anon (June 23, ‘Try Liv­ing UK life Becks, be­fore judg­ing us all’): 1. Do you think that David Beck­ham will read your let­ter? Also, you men­tion that he has ‘no more a tal­ent than to kick a ball’ - have you ever played foot­ball, much less kicked a ball? 2. Why are you judg­ing David Beck­ham for liv­ing in LA and vot­ing ‘Re­main’ while you your­self are not liv­ing in the UK and are vot­ing? Should he not have an opin­ion about his own coun­try just be­cause he is out­side of it? 3. By the way, I am one of those whom you call “un­skilled” im­mi­grants (al­beit a skilled one) from a less for­tu­nate coun­try that "your" coun­try in­vaded - now I’m work­ing a white-col­lar job but get­ting much less than you would for the same one - so please think be­fore you make such ac­cu­sa­tions and an­gry let­ters. P.S. Are you happy that ‘Leave’ won? Who will make your samosas and chicken cur­ries now? Rakesh Rao Dubai

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