Stop giv­ing way to drivers who try to cut the queues

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I’m fed up with drivers who think they are bet­ter and more im­por­tant than the rest of us and just cut in line. Didn’t your par­ents teach you not to cut in lines and be re­spect­ful of oth­ers? Do you think your time is more valu­able than the rest of us that you just push your car through and don’t care if there’s a line be­hind you? Don’t be such a douchebag. For the rest of us, don’t give way to these rude drivers. You might tell your­self: why not give way? It’s just a small thing, just let them be. NO. Hold your ground firmly, don’t let them through, make them wait, use your horn, make them go the long way. Don’t tol­er­ate their be­hav­iour; you are just telling them it’s okay to do so, where in fact, it is def­i­nitely NOT. Irate driver, UAE

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