If you run a shop surely you re­alise you need change

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Why do shops in Dubai seem to never have any change? Ev­ery time I walk up to a counter and hand over the note, I know I am go­ing to be asked ei­ther “Have you got change, sir?” or “Do you have any­thing smaller, sir?” At the week­end I went to buy some bread for break­fast about 8am, it came to about 40 dirhams. I handed over a 100 note and got a for­lorn look from the woman be­hind the counter at the bak­ery. Af­ter an­swer­ing no to the above ques­tions, she asked if I would mind wait­ing while they got some change. “Ok, how long will it take?” I asked. “Fif­teen min­utes” was the re­ply. I of­fered to pay by card but was told it was too late as it had al­ready been rung up in the till as cash. Surely hav­ing change in the till is a ba­sic prin­ci­ple of re­tail.

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