Pa­tient needs trans­plant in US

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After three years of gru­elling che­mother­apy, Michelle Lor­dan has a chance to beat the can­cer that turned her life into a strug­gle for sur­vival.

A se­ries of treat­ments to tackle acute myeloid leukemia - funded at enor­mous cost by an anony­mous bene­fac­tor - has left the 29-yearold Filip­ina weak but in re­mis­sion.

But her doc­tors at Dubai Hospi­tal say that ev­ery­thing she has been through, in­clud­ing the Dhs330,000 worth of treat­ment, will be in vain if she is un­able to re­ceive a bone mar­row trans­plant in Texas, United States.

She only has a nar­row win­dow in which to un­dergo the treat­ment, her mother Jo Lor­dan, 49, told 7DAYS. By Shoshana Ke­dem

She said: “Michelle’s in re­mis­sion now and the doc­tor said that if we do the trans­plant as soon as pos­si­ble, in a max­i­mum of 15 days, the can­cer won’t come back.”

Amna Al Muhairi, Michelle’s doc­tor at the Dubai Hospi­tal, said: “The only way to stop the leukemia from com­ing back is to do a bone mar­row trans­plant.

“If she doesn’t go for the trans­plant she will re­lapse again - it will be more ag­gres­sive and she won’t re­spond to che­mother­apy be­cause it’s such a short in­ter­val since her last treat­ment.”

Michelle’s fam­ily are bat­tling to find the $37,000 needed for a de­posit for the trans­plant at the MD An­der­son Can­cer Cen­tre in Texas, as the treat­ment is not avail­able in the UAE.

Michelle’s mum Jo has raised $5,400 selling T-shirts.

“With­out it [the trans­plant] my beau­ti­ful daugh­ter will die. We al­ready had to can­cel the treat­ment once, be­cause we can’t af­ford it,” said Jo, who works as a sec­re­tary at a Dubai real es­tate agency.

US visas have been ar­ranged for Michelle and her sis­ter, who will be her donor, in the hope that the funds will come through in time.

“On Fri­day I will be 50 but I don’t want to cel­e­brate my birth­day,” added Jo.

“My only wish is for God to give life to my daugh­ter. But ev­ery­thing on earth will pass and I can’t hold my daugh­ter’s life if God will take it.”

DES­PER­ATE WAIT: Michelle Lor­dan needs a bone mar­row trans­plant

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