How could peo­ple stand by and let stray dog suf­fer?

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way, “Ladies halal all the by the time 2020 reaches, most of us will look like paint­ings.”

SAN­DRA DEBBY IDEBU I feel the need to talk about a lit­tle dog (I named him Crispy) I found last Tues­day. I went to UAQ to search for him after he dis­ap­peared from the place where he was hit by a car on Mon­day. I went around noon time and I still can’t be­lieve that I found him. Mid­day heat is forc­ing these an­i­mals to stay some­where hid­den and in the shadow. How he was stand­ing there for me so easy to see him... I have no clue. But what is touch­ing my heart the most is how hope­less he was. Apart from be­ing lethar­gic, his eyes were lit­er­ally dead. I have seen a lot, but never an an­i­mal so sad and hope­less like this lit­tle fella. How can we al­low a crea­ture in be­tween us to suf­fer like this? He wasn’t in an in­dus­trial area, it was a res­i­den­tial area and peo­ple saw him. I was show­ing his pic­ture to some res­i­dents in this area and they knew him! How could they noth­ing? He wasn’t starving till yes­ter­day, he wasn’t alone since yes­ter­day, he wasn’t sick since yes­ter­day and he wasn’t lost only since yes­ter­day - he had to suf­fer in this area for many months! What hap­pened to hu­mans, that they can ig­nore the bad con­di­tion of a crea­ture so close to them? He was just nine months old. If this is where the hu­mans are go­ing to, if this is how the world will be, than I am noth­ing else than hope­less! Eight bil­lion

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