You need to un­der­stand how to be­have on a busy trav­e­la­tor in a mall…

7 Days in Dubai - - LETTERS -

We went to­day out for din­ner to a mall on the first day of Eid and the mall was crowded, es­pe­cially on the trav­e­la­tors. As we were head­ing up, an Ara­bic lady push­ing her baby stroller got stuck and sud­denly the whole crowd started crum­bling. My five-year-old son was stuck in the crowd and was get­ting crushed. I started scream­ing hold­ing my son’s hand and try­ing to carry him but with­out any suc­cess, un­til my hus­band suc­ceeded in push­ing the lady in front of him and her baby al­most flew out of the stroller. The prob­lem is that there was no se­cu­rity and no brakes for the trav­e­la­tor, in ad­di­tion to the fact that peo­ple push­ing strollers and shop­ping carts have lit­tle un­der­stand­ing to the dan­gers they might be in­flict­ing if they do not know how to prop­erly ma­noeu­vre their rolling gad­gets. There should be strict reg­u­la­tions on the use of trav­e­la­tors and clear in­struc­tions on how to stop them in case of such in­ci­dents. Also, we must de­velop a cir­cu­la­tion eti­quette where peo­ple with carts leave enough side room for the peo­ple to move out. We see it in Europe, where each side is ded­i­cated for ei­ther a fast or slow mov­ing crowd. JShahin Dubai

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