Says the Nis­san Pa­trol is a bit like Kim Kar­dashian

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n a lot of ways, the Nis­san Pa­trol re­minds me of Kim Kar­dashian. It’s larger than life, unashamed of its size and seem­ingly ev­ery where you look.

Like Kim, the Pa­trol is also smart and has an un­canny abil­ity to sat­isfy the ap­petite of its au­di­ence. And, of course, just like Ms Kar­dashian, there are plenty of peo­ple queu­ing up to crit­i­cise it.

In the case of the Keep­ing Up With the Kar­dashi­ans star, it is her ten­dency to re­veal more than we would like that gets peo­ple go­ing, while with the Pa­trol it is the ten­dency to see it loom­ing in your rear view mir­ror that riles peo­ple.

How­ever, hav­ing now driven the Pa­trol, I have been won over and can say I’m a fan of this mam­moth eight­seater.

Ini­tially, it was quite in­tim­i­dat­ing to get into the Pa­trol given its size.

It’s huge, inside and out.

How­ever, one of the things that sur­prised me the most about the car was that, de­spite its gar­gan­tuan size, it was pretty easy to ma­noeu­vre. That said, when­ever I left it in a car park I sought out the far­thest cor­ners to make sure I had plenty of space. The Pa­trol is pow­ered by a 5.6-litre, V8 petrol en­gine, which gen­er­ates 400bhp. This is more than enough power even given the car’s con­sid­er­able size. Inside, the Pa­trol is equally huge. Ev­ery­thing is big - the seats, the doors, the dash­board, even the steer­ing wheel. And while it is raised quite high from the ground, my wife found it easy to get in and out of thanks to side steps and hand holds. Given the start­ing price for the Pa­trol is a rel­a­tively low, Dhs179,000, it is also well equipped, with a host of safety fea­tures, such as lane de­par­ture and for­ward col­li­sion warn­ings, as well as back-up col­li­sion in­ter­ven­tion and in­tel­li­gent brake as­sist. All the in­fo­tain­ment and steer­ing wheel-mounted con­trols were also easy to use. All that adds up to an at­trac­tive pack­age, again some­thing it has in com­mon with Ms Kar­dashian.

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