Church go­ers are urged to think about what they wear

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I have been think­ing for a long time to write an ar­ti­cle about the wrong practices which most of the Catholic peo­ple do when they go to church. This let­ter ap­plies to those who think church is a shopping mall. I have seen some church go­ers mak­ing the church a shopping mall or place for en­joy­ment. There are an­nounce­ments re­gard­ing dress and mo­biles on the dig­i­tal screen all over the church still peo­ple don’t care about this. In this case I ap­pre­ci­ate Mus­lims who maintain their ho­li­ness in the mosques. Their dress and be­hav­ior it­self shows their re­spect for their religion. They never use mo­biles or any elec­tronic de­vices inside the mosques. We Catholic peo­ple should learn from them. Some Christian peo­ple use church as an amuse­ment place. I have of­ten seen peo­ple talk­ing to each other as well as us­ing mo­biles to play games as well as to ac­cess so­cial web­sites. Some peo­ple cant give one hour once in a week to wor­ship whom they be­lieve. If you are re­ally busy then why come to church? Just for showoff or truly wor­ship? The shame­ful thing is about the dress which some ladies wear. Hu­man be­ing is God’s cre­ation then why do peo­ple come to church half naked? The way some ladies dress is dis­gust­ing and be­cause of this even a faith­ful per­son cant con­cen­trate in the church. Some peo­ple think com­ing late to the church with heeled shoes is re­spectable but its wrong as the noise of shoes dis­turbs ev­ery­one. Even as a Catholic I can say only Christian peo­ple do th­ese things and re­ally we need to stop this. Please give re­spect to the church and be a role model for others. Frances UAE

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