Dubai Sa­fari boss prom­ises bet­ter life for an­i­mals at new fa­cil­ity

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“This is what it’s all about. not some small cage or someone with no skills look­ing af­ter the an­i­mals, or even do­ing selfies with tigers. its about car­ing for the an­i­mals and un­der­stand­ing what they need. well done Dubai.”


“Com­mer­cial­iz­ing wildlife is pa­thetic . Any­way no mat­ter how much noise we make , there are loads of id­iots wait­ing to go see th­ese poor an­i­mals kept in en­clo­sures.”


“Glad to see that an­i­mal wel­fare is be­ing con­sid­ered, es­pe­cially with the hu­man en­croach­ment round the world, but it is what is…en­closed space. Even with state of the art tech­nol­ogy, an an­i­mal’s in­stinct can never be quelled. Ever won­der what goes through an an­i­mals’ mind when cor­nered or be­ing ap­proached? There are very many an­gles to this, but what I think is, let the an­i­mals roam free and let na­ture take its course. Yes, rid the world of poach­ers and any other vagabond that doesn’t ap­pre­ci­ate th­ese crea­tures, and rather work to mak­ing an en­vi­able and worth liv­ing en­vi­ron­ment for them wher­ever they are be­ing taken from. They too, would like to be home. As the say­ing goes, home is where the heart is.”


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