Cait­lyn Davey sparked quite a storm with her views about par­ents’ Facebook pho­tos

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“Un­fol­low them on facebook and be done with it. I un­fol­low lots of peo­ple on facebook: the ones that for­ward stupid memes, the ones that make too many stupid po­lit­i­cal state­ments, the ones that won’t talk about any­thing other than ba­bies, and a few sports fans get un­fol­lowed for a sea­son and re-fol­lowed once the championships are over.” go­ing overboard. ”


“I agree Cait – some peo­ple take things way too se­ri­ously, your in­ten­tion was not to of­fend per­haps just make peo­ple re­alise 50 pics of the same thing is


“Most peo­ple in the UAE do not have their fam­ily and close friends liv­ing here with them. One very good way to keep grand­par­ents, aunts and un­cles etc up to date with your child’s growth and de­vel­op­ment is Facebook… the par­ents are not tar­get­ing th­ese pic­tures at you.”


“I think you have a point and this was quite funny! May I add that I have 2 (very cute) kids!”


“Um­mmm... there is an op­tion to un­fol­low. Those peo­ple won’t show in your news feed, but you’re still friends.”


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