UK has car­rier prob­lem in the bag, why don’t we?

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I think it’s high time that the UAE adopted a more strin­gent pol­icy on the ridicu­lous over use of plas­tic bags, par­tic­u­larly in su­per­mar­kets which are by far the worst of­fender. The UK has pub­lished a state­ment to say it has all but oblit­er­ated the use of plas­tic bags, by 90% charg­ing ap­prox the equiv­a­lent of one dirham for each bag used and has man­aged to sim­ply ed­u­cate the pub­lic, of­fer­ing re­us­able bags... etc. Yes we all know that pay­ing for a bag wouldn’t be an is­sue for a lot of peo­ple .... But that’s not the point! And with the pro­mo­tion of re­us­able ‘bags for life it’s so so easy to achieve. When I’m in the uk it’s ha­bit­ual that I take my bags to use. I keep them in the car, even my hire car! It’s not rocket sci­ence. The trou­ble is here that the pack­ers don’t un­der­stand the ne­ces­sity to stop the use of bags and will wrap wrap and over wrap. Ed­u­ca­tion ed­u­ca­tion ed­u­ca­tion .... Some­one please get on board with this, please! Bag lady D Dubai

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