Let­ter about how peo­ple dress at church touches a nerve with some read­ers

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“It’s not just in church un­for­tu­nately. Peo­ple dress ter­ri­bly nowa­days. They have no class or style. From crop tops with tum­mies stick­ing out to tank tops with flabby tat­tooed arms. No one puts in any effort any­more.”


“Keep your ad­vise for your­self…… We are hu­man­be­ing not an­i­mals to hide our­selfs. If we are in church, it means that we want in deed to pray…. no more…..”


“Church is not a place for en­joy­ing. Church is a place for prayer like the Mosque or Tem­ple. Learn to present your­self in a re­li­gious place in front of God.”


“Just re­mem­ber that Je­sus would have been kicked out of a lot of churches him­self, just imag­ine him walk­ing in with his not so per­fect dress and old san­dals. Also re­mem­ber the two most im­por­tant laws given to us by him, of which the sec­ond was to love oth­ers as thy­self. Should maybe make us think twice about judg­ing oth­ers”


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