If the UK can ban plas­tic shop­ping bags then why can’t the UAE?

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“I also find the cul­ture here very waste­ful, if I buy a sin­gle pack of chew­ing gum the cashier tries to put it in a bag. Bags should be for mul­ti­ple items, not a sin­gle item that can go straight in my pocket! With the land­fill sites run­ning out of space and no clear plan what to in the fu­ture, I would like to see a re­duc­tion in all kinds of waste, re­cy­cling is al­most nonex­is­tent, ev­ery­thing goes into the ground and this has to change.”


“I to­tally agree with Bag lady D. How­ever, the plas­tic bags used in UAE are biodegrad­able ex­cept for the thin coloured ones used by gro­cery stores. The real is­sue is campers who lit­ter in the desert where they get con­sumed by stray camels.”


“How about peo­ple packed their own bags at the check-out in­stead of ex­pect­ing some­one to do it for them. This way you control what and how much goes into each bag. The mind set in the UAE of let­ting other peo­ple do ev­ery­thing for them is partly to blame here.”


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