Just bin it: ‘Vic­tim’ sticks it to lazy gum chew­ers

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I’m not sure if it’s the ridicu­lously hot weather or just plain dis­re­gard for other peo­ple that has seen a huge in­crease in the amount of chew­ing gum on the streets. In the last two weeks in Bar­sha Heights, I’ve been the ‘vic­tim’ of a sticky mess on the pavements three times. JLT do a su­perb job of get­ting out the chem­i­cals and re­mov­ing the un­sightly mess, but should they re­ally have to? Was there not a fine in place for not dis­pos­ing of your gum in a bin? In Sin­ga­pore, it’s banned out­right, per­haps we need to take a leaf out of their book, or just have the com­mon de­cency to dis­pose of it cor­rectly be­fore I am forced to re­sign yet another pair of shoes to the bin? Jay Dubai like Europe but it is sig­nif­i­cantly more ex­pen­sive than Europe, we can only con­clude that ei­ther the shop owner and/or the shop­ping mall owner are too greedy! There­fore, please Hap­pi­ness Of­fi­cers take a se­ri­ous look into it, per­haps other things as well and set max­i­mum prices for things like this that will make peo­ple feel hap­pier. Love Dubai Dubai

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