Can’t the po­lice use mas­sage cards to catch hu­man traf­fick­ers in the UAE?

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“Funny thing when the guys putting these cards see you throw it to the trash they start to shout at you, ‘give that back!’ my hus­band ex­pe­ri­enced that one time in karama.” JOYCE ARAZO

“Noth­ing is gonna hap­pen here, so ei­ther take it or per­haps leave the coun­try for Saudi or Syria, and you won’t hear about the mas­sage cards.” DEEPAK CHAUDHRY

“Some­one should make a face­book page for every­one to post pics of all these cards.. then maybe it will be eas­ier for the au­thor­i­ties to start track­ing them” FI­RAS MISLEH

“Logic is a fine thing… that’s what I al­ways thought but what do they do?…watch and then ques­tion the per­son pop­ping these cards on our cars?... or call the ac­tual num­bers ad­ver­tised on the cards?…. you think that logic pre­vails but it doesnt ap­pear to be in this case.. here’s to wish­ful think­ing!”


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