Mike Star­ling’s col­umn about feed­ing sta­tions for strays was food for thought for readers

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“Mike, I think this is a won­der­ful idea - I won­der how we could go about get­ting this launched in the UAE? I can’t stop think­ing about all the stray dogs (and cats) in the desert ar­eas.”


“Be­fore we all go into full steam ahead and build these, maybe other points also need to be looked at. In some coun­tries strays are caught and de­sexed to help slow down the num­ber of strays. Other coun­tries of course just catch them and if they can’t be re­homed then they are eu­thanised. While it’s a great thing to feed these an­i­mals we don’t want to build the num­bers of strays up by al­low­ing them to breed, the num­bers will rise enough by them­selves with own­ers that just don’t care enough.”


“I don’t un­der­stand why the mu­nic­i­pal­ity fines peo­ple for feed­ing strays.... no cats = mas­sive rat pop­u­la­tion.... per­son­ally I would choose cats over rats any day!”


“Yes, the over­pop­u­la­tion of stays is an is­sue, I do not deny that... BUT we have to look at this is­sue as what it is: it is not the cats’ fault that they are there and mul­ti­ply, it is the hu­mans fault, who do not spay or neuter or just leave their an­i­mals out in the street when they re­lo­cate.”


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