UAE char­ity law is clar­i­fied, but there’s still some ques­tions raised

7 Days in Dubai - - CLASSIFIEDS -

“It is il­le­gal to pro­mote for char­ity ac­tiv­ity via so­cial me­dia and What­sApp with­out per­mis­sion.” ... And there you have it… don’t pro­mote the Ice Bucket Chal­lenge, 22 Press Ups etc or tag friends to do it as that is now an of­fence here in the UAE. And they say “char­ity be­gins at home”!!!”


“I re­ceive many char­i­ta­ble no­ti­fi­ca­tions through Face­book for friends at home and do­nate to a few char­i­ties reg­is­tered in the UK, for friends in hospi­tal, I have done fundrais­ing events to buy a lo­cal child an elec­tric wheel­chair, no idea whether any of this is one of the 17 of­fi­cially sanc­tioned char­i­ties. From now on, I’m out, no more char­i­ta­ble do­na­tions un­til I move back home be­cause one wrong slip no mat­ter and you end up in prison for months with­out trial.”


“If this would have been about (stray) dogs or cars (no typo, not acts), there would have been so many re­ac­tions. But now it is ‘Frozen’. I think most peo­ple un­der­stand that there are laws to con­trol money flows. But the re­ac­tions are about dis­pro­por­tion­al­ity. Did this guy re­ally had to be locked up for three weeks and even now be fac­ing more to come? So what would you do with tail­gaters with big cars who are po­ten­tially killing peo­ple? Fine them aed 200? And for­give them twice a year, es­pe­cially when they are from not too far away?.”


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