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Body Con­trol Pi­lates founder Lynne Robin­son sug­gests these top pi­lates po­si­tions and stretches for sooth­ing stress... ROLL DOWNS

“A great way to fully re­lease ten­sion in the upper body. Stand tall with feet hip-width and par­al­lel. Bend knees a lit­tle and keep them bent through­out. Breathe in as you lengthen the back of your neck and nod your head for­wards. Breathe out and con­tinue to roll your spine for­wards and down. Imag­ine you’re rolling over a large beach ball to cre­ate space be­tween each bone. Roll un­til you can go no fur­ther with­out bend­ing from the hips. Breathe in as you be­gin to roll your pelvis un­der­neath you. Breathe out as you con­tinue to roll your spine back up, restack

ing bone by bone. Lengthen your spine as you re­turn back to up­right. Re­peat up to eight times.”


“Lie on a mat on your back with knees bent, feet hip-width apart. Rest arms on your pelvis or by your sides. Check your pelvis is level (neu­tral) and your spine re­tains its nat­u­ral curves. Take a few full breaths then breathe wide into the ribcage. Breathe out, and gen­tly squeeze your back pas­sage as if try­ing to pre­vent pass­ing wind! Bring this feel­ing for­ward to your pu­bic bone and gen­tly draw these mus­cles up inside like an in­ter­nal zip. Breathe in and hold this ‘core’ zip. Breathe out and re­lease. Next time, try adding sev­eral breaths as you hold the gen­tle in­ter­nal zip.”


“A free-flow­ing move­ment away from a sta­ble cen­tre. Start in the re­lax­ation po­si­tion with arms down by your sides, palms fac­ing your body. Breathe wide into your lower ribcage to pre­pare. Breathe out and raise one arm back as if to touch the floor be­hind you. Re­mem­ber you may not be able to touch the floor com­fort­ably, so only move the arm as far as you're happy to. At the same time, slide the op­po­site leg away along the floor in a line with your hips, keep­ing the pelvis sta­ble. Breathe in and hold the stretch. Breathe out and re­turn to the start­ing po­si­tion. Re­peat eight times, al­ter­nat­ing arms and legs.”

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