Can we make a bid for Dubai’s aban­doned cars?

7 Days in Dubai - - EVENTS -

I’ve no­ticed a few aban­doned ve­hi­cles left all over the place (some even take up valu­able park­ing spa­ces). Pity to see some nice cars in such ne­glected states, with flat tyres and caked in dust. I’ve heard that Dubai Mu­nic­i­pal­ity even­tu­ally gets them towed away. What hap­pens to those cars? Can res­i­dents of­fer to buy them? PLEASE Dubai Mu­nic­i­pal­ity / RTA / Dubai Po­lice / who­ever is in charge, it would be so nice if you made some of these amaz­ing ve­hi­cles avail­able to those of us who haven’t left. Please have an auc­tion or some­thing.. Graca Dubai come up with a sys­tem to fix this? 2. “Its not safe” - Statis­tics show that buses are far safer than par­ents driv­ing their kids to school. Again, don’t think of the cur­rent sys­tem. What if there were “mar­shals” like they use on planes? Seat­belts, real driv­ers? THINK OUT­SIDE THE BOX. 3. “Its too ex­pen­sive” - Again, let Dubai fix this once and for all. Hire the best and bright­est to study the is­sue. 4. “You don’t have kids” - how is that an is­sue? but in fact I do! and the time and en­vi­ron­men­tal re­sources we spend for each parent to drive is in­sane. Traf­fic does in­crease greatly due to the num­ber of par­ents drop­ping kids off. FACT. Why can’t a rea­son­able dis­cus­sion be held with­out so much hate and no real think­ing in­volved? It is a pub­lic is­sue that is worth fix­ing! 5. “I trea­sure the time with my kids in the morn­ing”…as I fight traf­fic and rush to school - Oh PLEASE. If this is re­ally qual­ity time with your kids its time to re-eval­u­ate life choices. I rode the bus and I turned out just fine with­out all that qual­ity time in the morn­ing…AND lots of fond mem­o­ries.

“It’s a free coun­try and I should be able to do what I want” - No its not. Many times gov­ern­ments in­sti­tute pro­grammes that are manda­tory for the greater good. FACT. Dubai could do it. THINK. Mark, Dubai mo­bile phones while driv­ing. Do you un­der­stand that you are not alone on the roads? You are not only en­dan­ger­ing your life but the lives of oth­ers. Every day on my com­mute to work I see peo­ple us­ing their phones while driv­ing to send mes­sages, Snapchats and other mean­ing­less stuff. One sim­ple step that Dubai Po­lice can take is to dispatch un­der­cover po­lice of­fi­cers rid­ing mo­tor­bikes around the city and hand­ing out fines (with black points) to the peo­ple us­ing their de­vices while driv­ing. Not only that but they could also make the per­son(s) in ques­tion at­tend a manda­tory class after re­peat­ing the of­fence or re­vok­ing their li­cence for a cer­tain pe­riod. HM Dubai

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