‘School buses can work for the greater good, let’s stop and think about it’

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In re­sponse to all the com­ments on my orig­i­nal let­ter ‘Dubai should make school buses manda­tory’ (7DAYS.ae Aug 29), what most of you don’t seem to get is that we are not talk­ing about the cur­rent sys­tem. Try think­ing out­side the box, what could make this work? What would al­low you to use a pub­lic bus sys­tem in the morn­ing… So to an­swer some of the naysay­ers…. 1. “Its im­pos­si­ble!” Re­ally? The coun­try that said “lets build a palm-shaped is­land in the Gulf” and did it in record time can’t 6.

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