Res­i­dent keen to help get Syr­ian chil­dren to school

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The story about Syr­ian fam­i­lies who can’t send their chil­dren to school has deeply af­fected me. It must be a very tough time hav­ing ex­pe­ri­enced things that we can­not even think about and fac­ing other prob­lems after the es­cape... As a fam­ily with three chil­dren we are per­ma­nently be­ing tempted by so much need­less and over­priced stuff that we need to de­cide what is re­ally good for our kids. Some par­ents seem to com­pete re­gards to after school ac­tiv­i­ties and for­got to ap­pre­ci­ate ‘free play time’, on the other par­ents can’t even af­ford in­ex­pen­sive schools for them. As a Mus­lim fam­ily com­ing from Germany I feel very for­tu­nate that we had so many op­por­tu­ni­ties al­though we faced many prob­lems due to mi­gra­tion. But the most nec­es­sary things like schools were al­ready pro­vided and I was al­way very am­bi­tious about mak­ing the best of it. I feel re­spon­si­bil­ity for all the good things that hap­pened to me and would like to take on a spon­sor­ship for one of these chil­dren. Is there any or­gan­i­sa­tion here in Dubai that can al­low this? Con­cerned mother Dubai Greens from Me­dia City. At the mo­ment we have bus no. 84, which turns at Mashael build­ing in Te­com. We have to get down there and walk a long way to reach near Re­gent school and nearby build­ings. If we can have a di­rect bus from Me­dia City to Greens it would re­ally help us. SD Dubai

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