MH370 fam­i­lies want pos­si­ble de­bris stud­ied

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Rel­a­tives of some of the 239 pas­sen­gers and crew on miss­ing Malaysia Air­lines Flight 370 have called for more of its pos­si­ble de­bris to be ex­am­ined to de­fine a new search area. Malaysia, China and Aus­tralia agreed in July that the search in the south­ern In­dian Ocean would be sus­pended af­ter the cur­rent 120,000sqkm ex­panse has been thor­oughly ex­am­ined with deep sea sonar equip­ment in the ab­sence of cred­i­ble new ev­i­dence that iden­ti­fied the plane’s lo­ca­tion. Eight rel­a­tives of lost pas­sen­gers who met with Aus­tralian of­fi­cials co­or­di­nat­ing the search on be­half of Malaysia ex­pressed frus­tra­tion that they were not given a def­i­ni­tion of what con­sti­tuted cred­i­ble new ev­i­dence that would re­sult in a con­tin­u­a­tion of the search. Amer­i­can wreck­age hunter Blaine Gib­son at­tended the meet­ing at the Aus­tralian Trans­port Safety Bureau head­quar­ters with the rel­a­tives from Malaysia, China, Aus­tralia and In­done­sia and handed over to in­ves­ti­ga­tors five pieces of po­ten­tial de­bris that he found on beaches in Mada­gas­car. Two of the pieces were burnt, which could in­di­cate a dis­as­trous fire on board, he said. Gib­son pre­vi­ously found a panel from Flight 370 in Mozam­bique. Malaysia has yet to col­lect other po­ten­tial de­bris that Blaine has found washed up on Mada­gas­car since June and handed to author­i­ties there. “I hope that the search will go on and in my am­a­teur opin­ion this con­sti­tutes new, cred­i­ble ev­i­dence that jus­ti­fies con­tin­u­ing the search,” Gib­son said of his un­con­firmed de­bris find. Some con­firmed pieces of de­bris have washed ashore in the west­ern In­dian Ocean, and the fam­i­lies be­lieve other items yet to be ex­am­ined may be clues to the plane’s lo­ca­tion. Sh­eryl Keen, chair­woman of Air Crash Sup­port Group, which is sup­port­ing the rel­a­tives, called on Malaysia to col­lect the de­bris found by Gib­son on Mada­gas­car and to con­sider hand­ing re­spon­si­bil­ity for the search to Aus­tralia.

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