A ban on blacked-out win­dows would help po­lice

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Fol­low­ing up to the story ‘Dubai Mo­torists just don’t care’ (7DAYS, Sept 11), there should be a law ban­ning TINTING of win­dows. That’s the big­gest mis­take to al­low every­one to tint their win­dows; peo­ple have taken full ad­van­tage of mis­us­ing this law. I agree that the law was for women to be pro­tected, but re­gret the ma­jor­ity of the drivers are all males hid­ing be­hind the dark tints us­ing their phones to chat and get to­tally dis­tracted... If you have ob­served ve­hi­cles be­ing driven very slowly as they are fid­get­ing with their phones and then once con­ver­sa­tion is over, they just boost up their speed with all the flashes to move you away. Un­for­tu­nately one can’t see them, I won­der how do lo­cal po­lice see them when the tint is so dark... How many in­no­cent lives are lost just be­cause of many ar­ro­gant self­ish reck­less drivers on the road with dark tints. Roomi Dubai thoughts which may help: 1) The author­i­ties need to ask why drivers tail­gate, in 99% of cases, it’s be­cause drivers think they own the left lane, they will not move over to the right even when the lane next to them is empty, these guys need to be pros­e­cuted as it is they who cause tail­gat­ing. 2) If the driver be­hind wants to over­take, move over and let him, even if he if bust­ing a gut and in a hurry, move over, and stop be­ing a nui­sance by mo­nop­o­lis­ing the left lane, it’s not yours. 3) Com­mer­cial ve­hi­cles such as vans, pick-ups, school buses and minibuses should be re­stricted to us­ing the in­ner­most lanes, thus not block­ing all lanes with their dumb an­tics. 4) I strongly rec­om­mend max­imis­ing fines of those dumb drivers still us­ing mo­bile phones (with no hands free) whilst driv­ing, this prac­tice is not re­stricted to cars. I have seen truck and bus drivers, mini­van and minibus drivers us­ing mo­biles whilst driv­ing and guess what, the driv­ing skills of these so-called drivers are poor at best without putting a mo­bile phone in their hands, it’s a recipe for, I’ll leave it to you to imag­ine.... With so many years ex­pe­ri­ence of driv­ing in this re­gion, it’s pretty sad to see driv­ing stan­dards are de­te­ri­o­rat­ing not im­prov­ing. For ex­am­ple, when or­der­ing a set meal, you will be bom­barded with ques­tions like “with cheese?”, “spicy?”, “medium or large drink?”. If you said yes to any of those, you fell into their trap and ex­tra few dirhams will be charged. The lat­est ex­am­ple hap­pened in a well­known US-based cof­fee joint. Server asked: “Do you want nor­mal or strong cof­fee?”. Think­ing that nor­mal ba­si­cally means NOR­MAL with no ex­tra fancy stuffs, I told the server I would have the nor­mal cof­fee. Un­for­tu­nately the out­let has some­how de­cided that nor­mal means pre­mium cof­fee and I was duly charged ex­tra Dhs2 for the cof­fee! For good­ness sake, all these big multi­na­tional chains need to stop such ques­tion­able prac­tice to try and squeeze an ex­tra dirham or two from the con­sumers. This is not smart mar­ket­ing, it is what I call bla­tant cheat­ing and ma­nip­u­la­tion! No Cheat Dubai

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