Mum’s con­cern over cake ban in school is echoed

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I agree with Ms S Ponge (‘Ban on cake in school is not ed­u­cat­ing chil­dren’ - Let­ters, Sept 12’). Chil­dren are sent to school to learn, not to be re­stricted in terms of diet. Of course they should learn about healthy life­styles and healthy foods, but I think it is un­ac­cept­able to ban a food from school… Also, just be­cause some stu­dents are al­ler­gic to a cer­tain food, it doesn’t mean you should ban it all to­gether… As one reader said, there is a child with gluten in­tol­er­ance in their child’s class, would they like it if no­body was al­lowed to bring in a sand­wich be­cause of the needs of one child? Some chil­dren are al­ler­gic to ants, should all chil­dren not be al­lowed to play out­side? If a child has al­ler­gies, the teacher should be no­ti­fied, and will make sure the child does not ac­ci­den­tally eat any­thing that could harm them. Mr D Ish­washer, Dubai

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