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From con­spic­u­ous wealth to post-brunch rev­elry, Dubai night­club staff must see it all, writes Ma­hak Mannan. And it’s no dif­fer­ent when it comes to the items party-go­ers leave be­hind af­ter a night out. Just ask the staff at the pop­u­lar Dubai Ma­rina nightspot So­ci­ete.

In the past year, they have found a glass eye, a gentle­man’s cane and a Vic­to­rian-style mon­o­cle, along with the usual as­sort­ment of mo­bile phones and odd shoes.

Per­haps hint­ing at the pop­u­lar­ity of post-work out­ings, lap­tops and gift bags from lav­ish cor­po­rate events are among the most com­mon items found.

Gary Hol­l­i­day, the owner of So­ci­ete Dubai, told 7DAYS: “Nor­mally when I wake up, I have half a dozen missed calls, voice mes­sages or texts from peo­ple claim­ing they have left their wal­let, phone and other be­long­ings.

“Although we do have a stor­age room where peo­ple can keep things like lap­tops if they are com­ing di­rectly from work, they still man­age to leave them be­hind. But things like lap­tops and wal­lets are eas­ily trace­able, so most of them are claimed. Shoes, clothes and gift bags are the more dif­fi­cult ones and they are also the most in­ter­est­ing. Not a lot of peo­ple come back to claim those. We post the odd Cin­derella shoe on our so­cial me­dia. We get a few re­sponses and some­times the shoe is re­united with its bet­ter half.

“We try to hold on to the be­long­ings for as long as pos­si­ble but we even­tu­ally sub­mit lost credit cards and wal­lets to the po­lice while clothes and other things go to char­ity six months af­ter.”

Here, Hol­l­i­day talks us through some of the items left be­hind re­cently...

1 glass eye­ball “This one left us re­ally flab­ber­gasted. We found the sin­gle glass eye­ball stuffed down the side of one of the so­fas.”

1 mon­o­cle “Maybe this be­longed to the guy who left his glass eye be­hind?”

230 mo­bile phones “From iPhones and Gal­ax­ies to old school Nokias, we have had ev­ery kind of mo­bile phone.”

1 rather risqué corset “We found it in the mid­dle of the night, stuck down a women’s toi­let…”

1 men’s walk­ing stick “We saw this guy com­ing in with his walk­ing stick – but leave with­out it. Clearly a night of cut­ting shapes to his favourite retro tunes loos­ened him up enough to walk home with­out it.”

147 bags full of presents and gifts “We find small bags filled with choco­lates, flow­ers and more ex­pen­sive items like bracelets and watches.”

25 odd shoes “Plenty of Cin­derel­las seem to leave be­hind a shoe and it begs the ques­tion, how are they walk­ing home in only one stiletto?”

541 credit cards “A whop­ping num­ber!”

322 ear­rings “They are never found in pairs, so we have ended up with this big bowl of odd ear­rings and no one ever seems to claim them.”

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