More than 100 il­le­gal taxi driv­ers ar­rested in Abu Dhabi

7 Days in Dubai - - DEAR 7 DAYS... -

“Ex­cel­lent news... BUT, I think the peo­ple us­ing th­ese pri­vate taxi ser­vices should be fined as well. They know it’s il­le­gal and they con­tinue to do it.... IS­SUE A NEW FINE SYS­TEM FOR UN­REG­IS­TERED TAXIS AND THE PEO­PLE WHO USE IT AS THEY ARE ALSO BREAK­ING THE LAW!!! This should be im­ple­mented in Dubai and Abu Dhabi as well.”


“If they are able to af­ford a plane ticket then I’m sure they can af­ford the bus fare.”


“Who will be re­spon­si­ble if a woman went miss­ing or raped? Do you read the daily news about harass­ment?”


“Very good news....could you please do the same process in Dubai!” TILAK PANDEY

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