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Your search for hap­pi­ness could get a lit­tle boost from north­ern Europe. Al­ready this year, a num­ber of books have been pub­lished on the topic of ‘Hygge’ (pro­nounced 'Hoo-guh'), a con­cept that has come all the way from Den­mark. The Lit­tle Book of Hygge: The Dan­ish Way To Live Well, by Meik Wik­ing, lifts the lid on the con­cept. For those still in the dark, think about mo­ments such as re­plac­ing those work clothes with su­per-soft jog­gers, or turn­ing the big light off, light­ing a can­dle and snug­gling up to watch an old movie. It's all about har­ness­ing that feel­good fac­tor, not only through mind­set but through our ap­proach to ev­ery­day be­hav­iours and rit­u­als, and cre­at­ing am­bi­ence and com­fort in our sur­round­ings. Wik­ing, the CEO of Copen­hagen’s Hap­pi­ness Re­search In­sti­tute, ex­plains: “I think the essence of it is the pur­suit of ev­ery­day hap­pi­ness. Try­ing to build a lit­tle plea­sure and grat­i­tude into your daily rou­tine. That's my favourite def­i­ni­tion of hygge." In the four years that the United Na­tions’ an­nual World Hap­pi­ness Re­ports have been run­ning, Den­mark has fa­mously been ranked num­ber one three times. So why not add this new word to your vo­cab­u­lary to­day? Wik­ing says: “If we have words for some­thing that will also in­flu­ence the way we be­have. If we have a word for it then it's some­thing we pur­sue on an ev­ery­day ba­sis."

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