Ag­gres­sion on the roads is at a whole new level

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Un­less driv­ers are al­lowed to use dash or rearview cam­eras, tail­gaters and other psy­cho­pathic driv­ers will con­tinue to be­have as they please. Late in the evening last Mon­day, af­ter a won­der­ful Eid din­ner in Dubai with friends, I took the E311 home to Shar­jah, think­ing this would be quicker and safer for me than my usual E611 route. Very scary jour­ney home, the level of ag­gres­sion was some­thing else, driv­ers chas­ing each other within inches of their lives in the in­ner left lane – all cul­mi­nat­ing in a mul­ticar smash just be­fore the Na­tional Paints fly­over!! At one point, I am ‘boxed-in’ with other mov­ing traf­fic in the third lane, and to my dis­be­lief, an over­sized SUV (no doubt be­ing driven by some­one with an over­sized ego!) pulls right up be­hind me and starts flash­ing the head­lights – I burst out laugh­ing, be­cause where did the big numpty think I was go­ing to be able to move to? Smh…. That’s Life UAE pub­lic be­come their own po­lice, tak­ing re­spon­si­bil­ity) and thus help the po­lice to keep the roads safe and re­duce deaths. Dun­can UAE

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