‘Don’t have kids and leave them with in­ap­pro­pri­ate and dan­ger­ous su­per­vi­sion’

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I can’t agree more with Frank (Let­ters, Sept 19 - Ed­u­ca­tion costs are so high so why hire un­qual­i­fied maids?’). I walk around the Greens ev­ery morn­ing and the things you see these maids do is de­plorable. I have never and would never leave my child with a maid. Many of them ap­pear to lack com­mon sense. They leave chil­dren strapped in a stroller while they chat with their friends. They feed them in­ap­pro­pri­ate food. I have seen them yell at cry­ing ba­bies. I have seen then get­ting phys­i­cal with tod­dlers. They walk across the road any­where dan­ger­ously even if there is a cross­ing only 10 me­tres away. I have said it be­fore and I will say it again. Don’t have chil­dren if you can’t af­ford them. If you go straight back to work what is the point of hav­ing them. Don’t have a child and leave them with in­ap­pro­pri­ate and down right dan­ger­ous su­per­vi­sion. Just be­cause you can phys­i­cally have a child doesn’t mean that you should. Good mother UAE

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