Dear ar­ro­gant driver, we value our lives thank you

7 Days in Dubai - - LETTERS -

Dear Ms Ar­ro­gant pushy er­ratic lady driver, to­day you just pushed your way com­ing out from Bin Soughat Cen­tre at 3.15pm. You came from an an­gle block­ing two lanes and had no eti­quette nor cour­tesy to driv­ers in the tracks. Shame on you. You were not even look­ing on your left and just push­ing your car for­ward inches away from mine. Ab­so­lutely no re­spect for other road users. Com­mon prac­tice for road users in Dubai. You moved lanes at tremen­dous speed and flash­ing to glory and tail­gat­ing. Were you try­ing to catch a flight, in your air­line uni­form? Afraid not as the air­port was on the op­po­site side. I am all for dash­cams to al­low pub­lic to record these driv­ers and report to po­lice. These driv­ers don’t care for their lives but surely our lives are pre­cious. Nats Dubai there I could see un­re­strained kids af­ter school pick-up. Yes, get the po­lice to be there and ini­tially give good ad­vice... And then start hand­ing out the fines! Get harsh here please. It re­ally makes my blood boil and it’s so stupid! D Dubai

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