Seat charges: why pe­nalise your low­est class only?

7 Days in Dubai - - LETTERS -

In re­sponse to the story of Emi­rates charg­ing for book­ing seats in ad­vance, what­ever next? Emi­rates are de­grad­ing their prod­uct to bud­get air­line. If their prices were re­duced then it’s un­der­stand­able. Those of us who travel Econ­omy, it’s be­cause that is what we can af­ford so why pe­nalise us? Why is it only Econ­omy to be charged when it is clear busi­ness trav­ellers can af­ford to pay for seat se­lec­tion but they are not sub­ject to this ad­di­tional charge. Dis­ap­point­ing, that loyal cus­tomers are treated this way. A ques­tion though, if one pays for the seat se­lec­tion, does this bring a guar­an­tee that the seat will not be in baby zone and next to an over­weight per­son who spills over on to the next seat? Econ­omy Trav­eller Dubai

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