Road safety about sav­ing lives not mak­ing money

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In re­sponse to the let­ter ‘Dash­cams will let pub­lic help po­lice keeps roads safer’ (Sept 20), you can use a dash­cam and you can show the po­lice the ev­i­dence, but ref tak­ing rev­enue… does ev­ery­thing have to be about money?! This is about sav­ing lives, if you need a cash in­cen­tive to do the right thing then you shouldn’t bother with a cam. Telling peo­ple they will make money will re­sult in all kinds of spu­ri­ous claims and counter claims by peo­ple just out to make a buck. Yes agreed on the cam but money back?! Come on be real. Anon UAE ar­eas, with lost of side roads, junc­tions and pedes­tri­ans cross­ings, that is just way too high. Lots of op­por­tu­nity for RTA, Traf­fic Po­lice and Mu­nic­i­pal­ity to work to­gether to im­prove safety! And the topic of mini buses: the ones im­ported here in the UAE are very dan­ger­ous by de­sign. Bet­ter ban these and en­force the ones used in Europe; the vans and buses are de­signed to trans­port peo­ple safely, with good seats, safety fea­tures, seat­belts and a solid cage con­struc­tion pro­tect­ing the pas­sen­gers in case of ac­ci­dent and roll over. (Ex­am­ple: Ford Tran­sit, Mercedes Sprinter etc). Ed B UAE

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