Take your seat: en­tice fly­ers don’t turn them away

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Dear Mike, thanks very much for what seems to be a flip­pant ‘Soap­box’, re­sponse to the Emi­rate Air­line charg­ing for seat se­lec­tion is­sue. I am an Emi­rates Sky­wards mem­ber and have taken sev­eral econ­omy flights (to Canada, which is a 14-hour straight shot Dubai to Seat­tle and ei­ther Air Canada or Air Alaska to Van­cou­ver). Mak­ing com­par­isons to other air­lines is not an ex­cuse. Air­lines should be try­ing to en­tice and en­cour­age con­sumers, not to turn them off to look for al­ter­nate air­lines. If air­lines want to have a solid cus­tomer base based on loy­alty then they need to re­cip­ro­cate the loy­alty to the con­sumer. And surely you can see the pit­fall of de­lay­ing ones seat se­lec­tion un­til the fi­nal 48 hrs. If this is­sue needs to be ex­plained or clar­i­fied then clearly there is a mis­un­der­stand­ing of what hap­pens in Econ­omy. The so­lu­tion isn’t to lum­ber the busi­ness class trav­eller as well or in­stead. The so­lu­tion would be for air­lines (Emi­rates in this case) to en­tice more cus­tomers by NOT un­der­tak­ing poli­cies such as this seat se­lec­tion pay­ment (which would drive away cus­tomer sup­port), but en­gage in poli­cies that would at­tract cus­tomers (such as NOT pay­ing for Seat Se­lec­tion). More Happy cus­tomers equates to more busi­ness. I for one would con­tinue to fly Emi­rates over any other air­line if they were to con­sider my needs as a con­sumer/ cus­tomer. Mr A Stander, Dubai

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