Your choice: no one owes you a job to suit you needs

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Re­spond­ing to the let­ter ‘Time to ad­dress the daily strug­gles of em­ploy­ees’ (Sept 20), have you ever won­dered how much money com­pa­nies are ac­tu­ally mak­ing since the re­ces­sion? How many com­pa­nies have ac­tu­ally shut down, how many peo­ple let go? It isn’t an easy econ­omy to make money in. A lot of “ex­pats” come in, take po­si­tions at very low salary of­fers, mak­ing it worse for ev­ery­one, and then com­plain about their salary. As long as your em­ployer was up­front about your salary, there is noth­ing to com­plain about. Yes, Dubai is an ex­pen­sive place, but you should have taken into ac­count the ex­penses be­fore ac­cept­ing the salary of­fered. You have the op­tion of go­ing else­where in the world to find em­ploy­ment that bet­ter suits what you re­quire. No coun­try on Earth owes you a job to suit your needs. There are cer­tain em­ploy­ees that com­pa­nies work very hard to keep, you do not sound like one of them. TGO89 UAE

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