Safe driv­ing is common sense and stick­ing to rules

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I have been driv­ing since 2009, no out­ra­geous fines (only 1 or 2 caught by a hid­den radar, com­pletely my fault). I use in­di­ca­tors, even in my own neigh­bour­hood, I do not tail­gate, I give way to tail­gaters, I do not rage, I un­der­stand that there are id­iots ev­ery­where and it is my duty to obey the law and be aware of my sur­round­ings. It has noth­ing to do with where you get your driv­ers li­cence from, it is about the knowl­edge of the laws and common sense of the roads. Stay between the lines, know where you’re head­ing, and just al­ways think of your own safety on the road. It all comes down to the knowl­edge you have. May Dubai

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