Let­ter writer says safe driv­ing is about com­mon sense and fol­low­ing rules

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“No it is not, good driv­ing has to be taught just like any­thing else in this world. That’s why peo­ple from the third world coun­tries don’t know who has pri­or­ity at 4-way junc­tions with­out sig­nals or how to in­di­cate when you wish to park. First visit a first world coun­try, see how they drive there and then write your stuff here. Don’t try to be a know it all by leav­ing your vil­lage and com­ing to Dubai.”


“‘Com­mon sense’ is where your let­ter fails. Many peo­ple have a driv­ing li­cence… not all of those have com­mon sense. And some who do are too ar­ro­gant to con­sider the lives of oth­ers. “Driv­ing habits here are truly hor­ren­dous and I don’t see it ever chang­ing. Ever.”


“It has ev­ery­thing to do with where you get your driv­ing li­cence from as when I see driv­ing in­struc­tors lean­ing back in their seats on the phone teach­ing a pupil I tend to value this opin­ion. When I see other ‘driv­ing habits’ such as in Cairo/Beirut/In­dia I am in fear of my life when I visit there. If peo­ple are com­ing in from these coun­tries they will have a way of driv­ing which has been in­grained into them, some will adapt and drive care­fully of course, how­ever as stats have shown many don’t and many here even from Euro­pean western coun­tries drive badly. We have to ask why! They feel that they can do this. A: Be­cause they ob­vi­ously feel they don’t have to bother be­ing safe and re­spon­si­ble driv­ers as there are lit­tle to no ram­i­fi­ca­tions for their ac­tions. Polic­ing here is re­ac­tive it needs to start be­ing far more proac­tive.”


“I have been driv­ing since 1993, and I have to say that ag­gres­sion has reached to a shock­ing level. I feel some­thing is wrong nowa­days when: 1. Po­litely flashes me from a safe dis­tance to over take me, be­cause tail­gat­ing has re­place flash­ing and be­came the norm or the trend. 2. Some­one uses an in­di­ca­tor to switch lanes be­cause cut­ting me off is the new style. 3. Some­one waves his/her hand to say thank you for let­ting him/her pass. I can write an es­say about bad driv­ing habits!”


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