Does an ex-hus­band have to pay for ex-wife’s in­ter­net?

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As an ex-hus­band, I would like to know my le­gal rights on the is­sue as men­tioned be­low: A child (three and a half) has been in cus­tody of the mother for two years. The child’s ex­penses will hardly be Dhs500 or max 800 in­clud­ing food and cloth­ing at the mo­ment. The ex-wife who has the cus­tody of the child is still ask­ing her ex-hus­band to pay her rental charges + dewa + in­ter­net. The ex-hus­band has al­ready paid the al­imony of Dhs10,000 last year as per the court in­struc­tions. He is still pay­ing her Dhs1,000 ev­ery month for her rent since one year al­ready. The ex-wife is ask­ing for more rental+dewa al­lowance. I would like to know whether is it manda­tory as per the UAE LAW for an ex hus­band to pay his ex wife for rental charges + dewa if the child is liv­ing with his ex-wife? Or does an ex-hus­band only have to pay for the child’s ex­penses (Food, cloth­ing and school fees)? The ex-wife is also work­ing for her mother and fa­ther back home. Does an ex-Hus­band still have to pay monthly charges as men­tioned above apart from the child ex­penses even af­ter pay­ing the full al­imony? Please en­lighten me. WA Dubai

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