‘Morals be­gin at home not in the class­room’

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In re­sponse to the story ‘Pupils to re­ceive lessons in morals’ (Sept 26), morals be­gin at home from birth and are cul­ti­vated by fam­ily up­bring­ing. Schools are there to sup­port and give sig­nif­i­cance to what has been taught at home. When it comes to morals and proper be­hav­ior no school can add any­thing to what has been learned at home, un­less chil­dren never learned any­thing from their par­ents. James Donato Dubai am sure to maybe just live that bit longer, health­ier... (Be­fore any of you come with the drink­ing kills too ar­gu­ment, DON’T, you’ll make your­self look silly, also, Sci­ence has proven con­trolled amounts are in deed good for the sys­tem). Op­tion 2: Ban Smok­ing. Hon­est An­drew Dubai is on emer­gency or leave with avail­abil­ity of nurses, but will def­i­nitely not func­tion with doc­tors alone and no nurse. Ba­si­cally a nurse is the back­bone for a doc­tor. Daniel Varghese Dubai

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