Radars to catch queue jumpers

Po­lice in­stall high-tech de­vices at junc­tions

7 Days in Dubai - - NEWS - By Ali Al Shouk @alial­shouk ali.shouk@7days.ae

Dubai Po­lice have in­tro­duced new highly ad­vanced radar called Mesta Fu­sion.

The de­vices can spot vi­o­la­tions such as be­ing in the wrong lane and sud­den swerv­ing as well as speed­ing and jump­ing a red light. They record the vi­o­la­tions us­ing not only still images but video as well. The radar can record video of 10 sec­onds in length.

In to­tal, 28 new radars have been in­stalled on Dubai roads. Old speed cam­eras will also be grad­u­ally re­placed with the new radar.

Colonel Said Muhair Al Mazroui, Direc­tor of the Traf­fic De­part­ment at Dubai Po­lice, said: “The new radar was cho­sen be­cause it has the lat­est tech­nol­ogy to catch mo­torists who think they are more im­por­tant than oth­ers and choose to cut in line at traf­fic lights and junc­tions rather than wait their turn.

“Queue jumpers are the cause of many ac­ci­dents as they of­ten dart in line at the last minute with lit­tle re­gard for oth­ers. They don’t fol­low the traf­fic lane and sur­prise other mo­torists who were in the right lane.” The new radar can also spot red light jumpers be­fore the act by mon­i­tor­ing the car be­fore it reaches the sig­nal. It reads the car’s speed and cal­cu­lates to know if the mo­torist can make the sig­nal.

“The old radar used to catch mo­torists who crossed the red lights with more than 20kph above the speed limit but the new one can catch them even at lower speed,” Al Mazroui said. “This will help us in crack­ing down on reck­less mo­torists who cause se­ri­ous ac­ci­dents.”

The new radar can also mon­i­tor ve­hi­cles who block a junc­tion by stay­ing in the yel­low box.

GOTCHA: One of the new Mesta Fu­sion speed cam­eras is in­stalled in Dubai

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