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t 28, Stephanie Pech went through a life change. She shed 25kg and dis­cov­ered such a pas­sion for health and well­ness that she made it her ca­reer. “I’ve been strug­gling with weight is­sues my whole life. My fam­ily are farm­ers in Ger­many and eat like farm­ers – they eat un­healthy, typ­i­cally with plenty of sauces, sausages and pota­toes. And I just never learned, as a child, how you should be eat­ing. And I hated sports – I wouldn’t even go to sports class at school! “I moved to Dubai, and I gained an­other 10kg when I got here. I woke up one morn­ing, and was go­ing to put on my trousers I hadn’t worn for a cou­ple of weeks, and they didn’t fit. So I thought ‘enough is enough, I’m not go­ing to do this any more.’” Pech then signed up with a per­sonal trainer, and worked to im­prove her nu­tri­tion, ditch­ing the brunches, and work­ing to make her food from scratch at home. “Slowly ev­ery day I did some­thing and had re­sults fairly quickly. Then I got my­self a per­sonal trainer who pushed me into com­pet­ing in a body­build­ing com­pe­ti­tion, which was ab­so­lutely crazy. I did that, which was an awe­some ex­pe­ri­ence.” The process wasn’t with­out its chal­lenges, both phys­i­cally and men­tally. Pech whit­tled down her body-fat per­cent­age from 35 per cent to 11 per cent. She says the trans­for­ma­tion was re­ward­ing, but she still strug­gled with her mind­set. “I didn’t think like a skinny per­son. I’d lost all the weight, but I didn’t see my­self be­ing that,” she adds. Since then Pech has bal­anced out her life­style, in­dulging in the odd treats, but still en­sur­ing she has a healthy diet. It took two years to get the right mind­set.

“I think it’s about find­ing a bal­ance. I mean I’m not 100 per cent healthy, but I eat re­ally well from Sun­day to Thurs­day, and I ex­er­cise, but then I al­low my­self on Fri­day and Satur­day to have what I want,” she says. “That way I can still have my favourite meals. I’m only hu­man and still want to eat the things I love.

“It’s know­ing you can have those but for the rest of the time, make a spe­cial ef­fort to eat what you’re sup­posed to.” Now she works with clients to help them get bal­ance men­tally and in their life­style.

Pech is a qual­i­fied meta­bolic bal­ance coach and nu­tri­tion­ist, work­ing with clients to help bal­ance their diet and hor­mone lev­els.

“Ba­si­cally it’s a health pro­gramme that be­lieves in the ap­proach of ‘see food as your medicine’. There are a lot of things you can in­flu­ence in your health by eat­ing the right things,” she says. “With most peo­ple, the most im­por­tant change is the mind­set. Par­tic­u­larly with women, I start work­ing with the per­son, need­ing to love them­selves the way they are. To start, you need to say ‘okay this is me to­day, and I ac­cept my­self as who I am.”

Though meta­bolic bal­ance coach­ing and nu­tri­tion share the same goals and prin­ci­ples, there is one key dif­fer­ence. Pech ex­plains: “The dif­fer­ence is I am al­lowed to look at blood test re­sults – the way meta­bolic bal­ance works, we get a blood sam­ple, and through­out the blood, I can tell you your hor­mones, what is out of bal­ance, and the kinds of foods you should be eat­ing to get that bal­ance back.”

Stephanie made big changes for a health­ier life­style (inset). Con­tact stephaniepech .com or email stephanie@nat ural­nu­tri­tiondu for con­sul­ta­tions.

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