Banks didn’t learn – looks like the de­fault­ers are back

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I am just won­der­ing about the things in the UAE. Peo­ple lose their jobs and need to leave the coun­try be­cause their banks are threat­en­ing them and do not sup­port their cus­tomers in any way ... AGAIN... the same game as four years ago. Didn’t banks learn any­thing? How is it help­ful to threaten a de­layed cus­tomer? How is it help­ful to put him in prison? How do banks get their money if they force peo­ple to flee the coun­try. A bank (and this is mostly the case in other coun­tries) should help and sup­port its cus­tomers, even if they face dif­fi­cul­ties within a cri­sis and be­cause of a job loss. Be­cause then the cus­tomer will trust his bank and try his best to get back to work and to go ahead pay­ing his in­stal­ments. Shouldn’t there be com­mon sense out there? I am shocked about the amount of peo­ple who face fi­nan­cial prob­lems right now and don’t find any sup­port of their banks. Dear UAE banks, isn’t it time to re­ally try to sup­port your cus­tomers in or­der to get your money back in­stead of threat­en­ing them and scare them away from the UAE? Ju­manji UAE had an eti­quette for vis­it­ing peo­ple and be­cause of this eti­quette peo­ple were pre­pared in case a guest came. You didn’t have to phone. Now be­cause of no eti­quette we don’t know when is a good time so we call in ad­vance, and if our pre­ferred time is no good for them we get up­set and don’t call again. If some­one does turn up we don’t know how much cour­tesy is enough, we may be over cour­te­ous and the guest feels awk­ward and doesn’t want to come again. Or we don’t know how to han­dle a guest and so pre­tend to be busy so they don’t come. It’s my opin­ion but I think we have sim­ply for­got­ten how to deal with peo­ple so­cially and feel awk­ward, so we sim­ply pre­tend to be busy all the time. Such a shame. Maybe the an­swer is to put away our phones. Maybe we need a no phone day to re­mind our­selves how to con­nect with peo­ple so­cially. Sajj UAE That’s the only ex­pla­na­tion I can sur­mise from my drive dur­ing which the out­side lane and the one im­me­di­ately in­side of it were packed, while the four right most lanes were empty and I was com­fort­ably al­lowed to go on my merry way with­out any flashy lights and bumper-car an­tics. How­ever, it also ap­pears that the cars have a sud­den ten­dency to over­steer to the right, zip­ping across four lanes to make an exit for the re­lieved ‘driver’ in­side – and just to make sure oth­ers on the road are alert. This is some­thing car­mark­ers should look into. Al­ter­na­tively those sat be­hind the wheel could ac­tu­ally learn to drive prop­erly. A Driver Dubai

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