‘You used to see sharks, now you just see bod­ies’

7 Days in Dubai - - SPECIAL REPORT -

From scuba div­ing as a boy in the Mediter­ranean to ex­plor­ing the ocean with a pro­fes­sional film crew, Jonathan Ali Khan has been div­ing for al­most 30 years. But even in that time he has seen once thriv­ing waters af­fected by hunt­ing and pol­lu­tion. Khan, who is Bri­tish, was raised in Italy and now lives in Dubai, said some of the ar­eas where sharks once thrived will never be the same again. He said: “As a film­maker and a diver, I wanted to share the nat­u­ral won­ders of the sea and our nat­u­ral world with peo­ple. Sharks be­came an in­creas­ingly im­por­tant part of my in­ter­est as I wit­nessed their dis­ap­pear­ance from so many ar­eas where they used to be. “Twenty years ago we used to see ham­mer­head sharks on dives in Mu­san­dam, an area where they used to form ag­gre­ga­tions. Nowa­days, the only ham­mer­heads we see are dead sharks landed from fish­eries in the North­ern Gulf of Oman. It didn’t take long to re­alise sharks are in se­ri­ous trou­ble and be­ing such an im­por­tant an­i­mal within its en­vi­ron­ment, it be­came im­por­tant to high­light their story.”

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