‘So­lar chal­leng­ing but worth the in­vest­ment’

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In­vest­ing in so­lar pan­els for your house­hold is a chal­lenge but it comes with sig­nif­i­cant en­ergy sav­ings, the CEO of Dubai Car­bon has said. Ivano Ian­nelli was speak­ing at the en­ergy con­fer­ence WETEX yes­ter­day. He was the first res­i­dent in Dubai to have his so­lar-equipped villa con­nected to DEWA’s power grid. A res­i­dent gen­er­at­ing en­ergy for the DEWA grid us­ing so­lar re­ceives dis­counts on their own bills. Ian­nelli said af­ter the ini­tial cost of Dhs20,000, he now saves up to 50 per cent on his monthly bills. But he did say that the ini­tial process can be chal­leng­ing. He said one of the main chal­lenges was get­ting the de­signs of the so­lar pan­els on his roof ap­proved so they didn’t ruin the aes­thetic of his Ara­bian Ranches clus­ter. He said: “The master de­vel­oper will not al­low or au­tho­rise a so­lar roof-top which ru­ins the aes­thet­ics, so es­sen­tially what they’re ask­ing is not to do a cheap job but do some­thing in line with the villa. “So in my spe­cific case, I had to em­u­late the over­all look of the villa so my neigh­bours wouldn’t com­plain, be­cause ob­vi­ously they are high-value prop­er­ties.” But Ian­nelli said his 45 roof-top so­lar pan­els have cut his bills sig­nif­i­cantly. He said the whole con­nec­tion took be­tween four and six weeks. Last week, DEWA’s Shams Dubai project trained and en­rolled 195 so­lar pro­fes­sion­als and 44 con­sul­tan­cies, which will be able to in­stall pan­els on res­i­dents’ homes.

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