House­maid ac­cused of pour­ing boil­ing wa­ter on baby so she would be de­ported

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“Poor in­no­cent baby. I am a house­maid/nanny for many years and I treated all the ba­bies and chil­dren like my own. But what­ever this house­maid’s rea­son be­hind she should not do with this in­no­cent child. She is out of her mind.” ANABELLE ZATE FER­NAN­DEZ

“A per­son who hurts a child is evil. You never take your anger out on a child for god’s sake!! I un­der­stand she was mis­treated in her other em­ploy­ers’ homes be­fore the cur­rent place she was work­ing in but you don’t ever make a child pay crimes for the wrongs of oth­ers.”


“I am a house­maid/nanny. Why u do that to this in­no­cent baby? As a nanny it is not easy, you need to be pa­tient.. What­ever your prob­lems back home you talk to your em­ployer.”


“These com­pa­nies are hiring hu­mans as maids but mak­ing them worse than an­i­mals with their bad be­hav­iour.”


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