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Let­ter writer: What hap­pens if driv­ers use dash­cams to spy?

“Don’t do bad things in pub­lic and you won’t have to worry…” MARK

“How are they spy­ing on you ex­actly? What does a dash­cam give them that they can’t see with their own eyes? You could just as eas­ily write down the li­cence plate num­ber and record it. I’m not re­ally see­ing the es­pi­onage po­ten­tial a dash­cam gives you over your own eyes” DXBEXPAT

“Driv­ers and pas­sen­gers can record with a mo­bile phone so what is the dif­fer­ence?” LADYREDDXB

“If you are do­ing some­thing in pub­lic which can be recorded through dash­cam, its not “Pri­vate” at all.” FARHAN

“What about ev­ery­body that takes video/pho­tos on their mo­bile phones? You fine with that but not a dash­cam, which has a lim­ited field of view?” BOB

Read­ers split on story of busi­ness­man who spent Dh­s33m on D 5 plate

“Wow. My 2 cents… That is a way too much. I am sure he al­ready does con­trib­ute lots, but per­haps some of it could have still been used for so so many causes in need. I can un­der­stand the 2 to 4.5 mil­lion still, which too is a lot, but 33 mil­lion. For a num­ber plate. KALPESH

“What a show…. a real show….” ASSIA

“Peo­ple are dy­ing of hunger and home­less­ness in his na­tive coun­try and he’s flash­ing all this money on a car plate. What a sad world we are liv­ing in. We are all im­mor­tal.” HUMPHREY HALA NAIROBI

“He works hard and earned it. And he de­serves to be happy and spoil him­self.” HANNA MERA

“There are rich and poor peo­ple in ev­ery coun­try… that money he earned by his luck or hard work and he has full right to spend it wher­ever he wants... no­body has right to ques­tion him and who knows maybe he is do­ing char­ity as well reg­u­larly.” VIKAS ASWANI

Am­bu­lance ser­vice tells ig­no­rant driv­ers to make way for emer­gency crews

“Good luck with that! One guy stopped the other day to take pic­tures? Re­gard­less of the traf­fic build­ing up be­hind him on the 7 lane high­way! Some peo­ple think they are the only ones us­ing the coun­try’s roads!” MICHAEL PHILLIPS

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