Lit­tle sup­port for reader who la­belled Dh­s33m plate pur­chase ob­scene

7 Days in Dubai - - DEAR 7DAYS -

“Whether the money goes for char­ity or not, at the end of the day it’s his money and he chose what to do with it. It’s not his fault ppl are liv­ing be­low the poverty line. Let the re­spec­tive gov­ern­ments of those coun­tries look after them, that’s why taxes are paid. How do you know he’s not con­trib­uted to char­i­ties al­ready? Very easy to judge oth­ers....”


“You can­not im­pose gen­eros­ity/kind­ness and ex­pect that from any­one, it should be from some­one’s own will to give.”


“How many of you have bought use­less stuff just be­cause you liked it. It’s his money. So, in­stead of judg­ing oth­ers and if you care about do­na­tions, start with your­self and do­nate the money that you’d use for buy­ing use­less things...”


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