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Sit­ting or strut­ting in high heels of­ten af­fects the nat­u­ral mus­cle align­ment of the body, lead­ing to strains on cer­tain ar­eas such as the back, ch­est, and ab­dom­i­nal mus­cles. Here are some tips from ICAN per­sonal train­ers for how to lengthen and strengthen your sore mus­cles after a long day in high heels.

Ham­strings: Sit on the floor and stretch one leg out straight to the side. Bend­ing the other knee, place the sole of the foot on the in­side of the stretched leg. Stretch for­ward, try­ing to touch the toes of the ex­tended leg. Re­peat again on the other side.

Hip flexor: Stand in a neu­tral po­si­tion and adopt a lunge po­si­tion. Place the back leg on the floor and push the hips for­ward and can feel the stretch through the hips and pelvis. Re­turn to the stand­ing po­si­tion, and re­peat on the op­po­site leg.

Lower back: Sit­ting on your knees, stretch for­ward un­til the hands and fore­head are touch­ing the floor; the stretch should be felt espe­cially in the lower part of the back.

Ch­est: Stand in a neu­tral po­si­tion and place both hands in the lower back, where the back slightly curves in­wards and push the arms to bring the el­bows closer to­gether be­hind you.

Back strength­en­ing: Ex­er­cises to strengthen the up­per back will help main­tain a straight spine and stop cur­va­ture of the shoul­ders. Try re­sis­tance band rows and ca­ble flys; these re­trac­tion work­outs will pre­vent weight bear­ing on the ch­est, in­stead balancing it across the back.

Glute strength­en­ing: Toned glutes will also al­low for a bet­ter sit­ting po­si­tion and pos­ture. Try step-ups, and lat­eral band walks.

Ab­dom­i­nal strength­en­ing: A strong core gives that beach body feel­ing all year round, pre­vent­ing ex­ces­sive cur­va­ture in the lower spine. Plank vari­a­tions are a great way to de­fine ab­dom­i­nal mus­cles.

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